Saturday, August 9, 2008


Quirk 1Quirk 2

My new friend, Heart Shaped Hedges, wants me to do a blog about qUiRKs... Now seriously, I have a ton. I just have to think of them. I have been trying all day. I just asked Kaishon and Sabria to help me and here is what they said:

1. Kaishon said that I freak out about every gray hair in my head. There are millions and millions and I am only 32. I think he is right. I do freak out about those : (. I used to pull them, when I was young and foolish and 28 but now that I am OLD and WISE, I just look at them and feel sick to my stomache (oh, and I look in my bank account and see if there is enough money to get them colored over : )

2. Sabria said I freak out about any spots or stains on the carpet. This is true. I don't know if it is a quirk though, because doesn't everyone freak out about carpet spots. Especially spots like BLOOD from bike accidents! Now, if you just got in a bike accident, would you stand on the wood floor and beckon help, or would you walk onto the carpet and then lay down and writhe around in pain splattering blood everywhere????? I definitely freaked out about that senseless blood shed on my WHITE carpet. I am a freak outer! What can I say?

3. I go crazy if our trash isn't out by 5:00 PM the night before pick up. Gary thinks this is hilarious as it just has to be out before the trash truck comes at 7:00 or 8:00 the next moring and he goes to work at 5:00. I just get VERY worried if it isn't sitting at the end of our driveway by night fall. Wierd and Quirky for sure : )! ( I thought of this one all by myself)

4. It really bothers me when people don't drink well water and insist on bottled water. I think that is hoity toity and I can't stand it. Now if there is some poison or something in your water and you can't drink it, then by all means, get the special bottles of water, but really, if you just don't love the taste of your regular water...add some lemons or something. Do you really need to pay $50 a month or more for water from those big coolers? Really? WATER? Hmmmmm.

5. I can't stand mean people. I mean I really, really, really can not stand them. Why do they even come out of their houses in the morning? I think they should just stay holed up and leave us alone. For instance, there is this man in our neighborhood, that is SUPER mean. He drives a fast car and he almost kills my children when they are bike riding all the time. I have asked him very nicely to slow down. He grunts. I always smiled at him. He glared back. Finally one day, I was in a bad mood, and he was speeding around in his little car. He grunted at me, so I said, "The next time you ride in this development like a maniac I am going to call the police." He just grunted again. Whatever. Is he lonely? Is he just a horrible bitter man? How can you be 40 and that mean? Is this a quirk, or does everyone hate mean people. I think everyone hates mean people. I am too lazy to erase this and think of a new quirk though!

6. People always think I am happy and nice. I think this is because my face is round and I smile a lot. I am not always happy and I am not always nice! Ask Kaishon or Sabria or my Mom and Dad...or even Gary : ). You should hear how mean I am when the trash does not go out until 10:00 pm or when there is a blood spot on the white carpet. I am SUPER DUPER MEAN

I will do the other one soon. I have had enough therapy for one day...oh, and I need to clean up the BLOOD in the CAR....Lots of blood lately! My friend Erica has been blogging for a long time, but if she has never done this, I know it would be interesting : ) My friend Stephanie is a missionary to Chile and I am sure she would have some interesting quirks as well. I also have a FABU friend named Gretchen who doesn't even know that I blog. (It's a long story.) But maybe I will work up my courage and tell her and then she can do this post too : ).


heartshapedhedges said...

funny about the trash....I dont like it out the night before, because it attracts animals :)

Yikes with all the blood....Im not a fan of blood on white carpet either.

Happy weekend.

Grandma J said...

I love the way you were brave enough to let the rest of the family give their input. I would be afraid!
Blood on light carpet! I cut my dogs tongue once trying to trim his mustache (not JJ). He kept wiping it on my brand new carpet...I called the vets exchange because it was a Sunday. They told me to put ice on it. Well, I did and the ice stuck to his tongue!
I put his leash on and we went for a walk to get his mind off it. It was just a nip, but the tongue bleeds!

stephanie garcia said...

I just saw this for the first time! I will have to think about my quirks. I'm sure I have plenty! Thanks for bringing a smile to my night!! (: