Saturday, August 9, 2008

A History of Me : ).

Heart Shaped Hedges asked me to do this a while ago. I did the quirks but I had to really think about this. Very theraputic : ).

20 years ago

1. I was 12. WOW. 12 is so young isn't it. I didn't think I would ever grow up. I used to wonder around outside in our backyard. We had chickens. Johnny and Mike never wanted me to play with them. I was getting too big to play anyway though. : ).

2. I can't remember too much : ).

3. I went to a very conservative Christian school and I was super sheltered. I was just starting 7th grade. My best friend was Susannah. I think we were fighting that year though.

4. I remember that my parents took my siblings and I to Franklin Mills Mall to go back to school shopping. My Daddy spent a lot of money that day. I think $700. I remember thinking he was the best Dad in the world. He worked so hard for his money and he happily spent it on our back to school clothes. My Dad always wanted to make sure I fit in. I think he worried more about me than Betsy and Johnny because I wasn't as smart as either of them, and I was fat : ).

5. My Dad used to take my sister Betsy, my brother Johnny, and our neighbor Mike, on rides in the back of his pick up truck on Summer nights. We thought it was so much fun. I think it is illegal now. We don't have a pick up truck anymore either.

10 years ago

1. I had just graduated from College.

2. I was working in Washington DC at a brand new school called Hope Academy as a Kindergarten and First grade teacher. I was in love with my students: Ronnell Barnes, Vikita Turner, Ta'von Toran, LaNeisha Turner, Joseph Gadson, Melvin Johnson and D'Andre Palmer.

3. I was earning $10,000 a year, and I thought that was JUST PERFECT because I was making a difference in the world.

4. My parents saved up to take our family on a great Disney vacation with our friends the Harris'. It was really amazing! I am thankful we could do that together.

5. My Grandma Kindel passed away and it broke my heart. I still miss her every single day.

5 years ago

1. I was a social worker in Philadelphia. I worked crazy hours and drove around the city like a mad woman. I cried every day on my way home because the sadness of the hurting children was overwhelmingly tragic.

2. Kaishon was 3 and he was so much fun. We went on all kinds of adventures. My Mom watched him every day for me so I could work. Kaish was the happiest little kid you would ever want to meet! Everyone loved him!

3. I gave up buying any clothes at all for one year so I could support my friend Jason who was being a missionary in Africa.

4. I didn't think I would ever get married.

5. I experienced a tragedy at my job with one of the families I worked with and left that agency.

3 years ago

1. I started being a social worker in an elemenary school! LOVED it!

2. Kaishon had just graduated from Kindergarten and was getting ready for first grade.

3. Gary and I had just started dating.

4. My family remained supportive of Kaishon and I. We were well loved in our home and my Dad always told me that I could stay with them forever. There was no time limit on our living situation! (Now, my Mom on the other hand...she was VERY ready for me to leave : )

5. Kaishon and I went on airplanes to Boston, Massachusettes (Maggie's wedding), Nebraska (Babysitting for the Beckett's) and Colorodo (Cousin Richard's wedding) during the summer. He was a well travelled child!

1 year ago

1. Kaishon and I got married to Gary. VERY exciting stuff : ).

2. We bought a new townhouse in Souderton, Pa. One of my very best friends, Jen Martello, moved 1 mile from us. We rekindled our friendship and now I get to be Aunt to her three fabulous daughters; Sienna, Mila and Sofia. And lucky her, she gets to be Kaishon's Aunt Jen : )! She helps me so much every single week I honestly can't imagine life without her!

3. I had just started a new position at my agency.

4. It was hard to leave my parents. I missed them a lot. They were an amazing support system for me during my 20's when Kaish and I were floundering : ). It took a while to get used to our new home and family.

5. Gary was working 7 days a week and we were all stressed to the MAX!

This year

1. I want Kaish to enjoy going to school. I want him to feel succesful and happy.

2. I want our walls to get painted. I am going crazy in a color less world. (We had to wait one year to paint according to the company that built)

3. I hope we get to go to the beach again with my parents and Johnny and Betsy and their families. We had such a nice vacation this year.

4. I hope Gary's Dad comes for Christmas.

5. I want to be more thankful for the blessings of each day. I hope I can stop being so mean and grouchy towards the end of the day! I hope I can help the children I work with in Philadelphia!


stephanie garcia said...

Becky, I loved reading all these insights into who you are and how God has used/is using you to touch many people's lives!

Grandma J said...

Hey Rebeckah! I had a hard time finding this post! I hope HSH finds it because it's very beautiful and touching!