Saturday, August 30, 2008

the Bar exam

David the gReAt! - Kaish la Paish - Bria Schmia - Levi Pie
Getting down.
Eating Ice Cream David bought!
Who in the world gave this child MOUNTAIN DEW???

David finished law school in May! We are so proud of him! Kaish and I have been praying for David (and law school and his bar exam) every single night since David and Tina came over at Christmas!

David took the bar at the end of July and the results will be in soon. I know he passed because he is a genius : ).

David came over to spend time with us recently and we went to a dairy farm to watch cows be milked and buy homeade ice cream. We had a great time. The cows were fun to watch and the ice cream was delicious! Kaishon and Sabria's favorite part of David's trip was wrestling. At Christmas David was the dominator but this was a close call! These kids just keep growing. It's scary : )!


Grandma J said...

Rebeckah, I don't know how I missed this post! I check everyday...Congratulations to David! Going to a dairy farm is very educational. You have really given the kids a great summer!

DD said...

Is David your brother? Are you getting sick of my comments? I am just so excited you have a blog. I want to get all caught up!