Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thankful for Church on Tuesday

We went to church on Sunday morning. It was hectic getting everyone dressed neatly and appropriately. (Sabria couldn't understand why she couldn't wear her bathing suit top as a shirt because it matched her skirt and Kaishon found some old sneakers he LOVED when he was in kindergarten and he insisted they still fit and he just could not grasp why I would mak him wear regular shoes when the other ones were SO cool!!!) We did make it on time and appropriately attired and the kids loved their Sunday School lesson. On our way home we were all talking about how thankful we are for the way God takes care of us every day. I am thankful God continues to love and care for us daily despite our many failings. I am thankful Kaishon and Sabria are growing up knowing God's greatness.


Grandma J said...

I love that song! You are such a good example for Kaishon and Sabria.

Erica said...

Awe, it sounds like my house. The fights over what to wear......its like they think we are out to ruin their coolness!:-)