Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can I tell you how BAD this week is?!?!?!?!?

There is SO much paperwork to do for my job.
It never ends. It is driving me CRAZY!
If I hadn't bought this AMAZINGLY delicious gelato at the grocery store last night I think I would have gone CRAZY earlier today. I basically have been eating it NON STOP since Midnight last night! If your grocery store carries it ( I don't know if HEB does : ) you must go get it. It is seriously good!
These are also providing a little sanity. I got them at the grocery store too. How pretty, right?
And here are three of the greatest kids on the planet : ). They have put up with my extreme mood swings and bursts of tears! LoVe ThEm LiKe CrAzY! I don't know if I can survive this week!


Jessican said...

Work stress is always the worst. It always follows you wherever you go.

You will get through this. I like to find just a couple minutes of quiet and remember that my God is the God of peace. Deep breaths.

Smiling children and a little gelato never hurt either!

Prayers going your way.

Grandma J said...

Oh my, I have a headache just looking at those file folders! Before I retired the agency I worked for insisted we were "going paperless" for years! But everyone wanted duplicate copies and back-up hard files. maybe someday!
I hate to say it but I don't think I've ever had gelato, but I love pistachio! I'm gonna look for it.

Now go chill!!

How cute are those kids!!!

Caroline said...

Hi just found you through Grandma J (isn't she the best...always makes me LMAO). Sorry your having a bad week--I had the week from hell (thanks PMS!...I can't believe the stuff my family has to endure). Stop by and say hi sometime!

Erica Martino said...

Those files make my head spin! I hope your day gets and weeks getter better! I think you need a vacation.
No wonder you don't cook I am not sure I would either if I had that pile in front of me. Actually when I worked out of the house I hardly ever cooked. I cook a lot now that i am home but I have more time.

Scott said...

I cant believe it!!

That Simply Enjoy Pistachio Gelato should be illegal its so darn good. In fact, I wish I would have never found it.

Believe it or not, I finish it in 2 sittings. Its just too good.