Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Someone needs a haircut Part 2

Kaishon has cornrows. I had to ask EVERY single black person I have seen for the last two weeks if they knew where we could get it done up here in the suburbs. Finally, our super cool checkout boy at Giant, told me he thought there was a beauty salon in Lansdale that would do it.
Now, I know we could have gone to Philly. But truth be told, I get sick of driving to Philly. It makes me sad sometimes. It seems like nothing ever changes there. I feel so bad for the kids that deal with the oppressive poverty daily...but, that's another post!
When Kaishon's hair was blown out it was SO huge. The girl that was braiding it kept telling me he had good hair. I've always known my little brown boy had GREAT hair. I am sad that the braids will only stay in for 2 weeks. When I told them we would be swimming every day they said it wouldn't even last that long. 

We'll see. I am pretty cheap, so I can't see us going back before 3 weeks, but maybe.


stephanie garcia said...

AWESOME pictures!! What a cool-looking kid. (:

Ragan said...

Sounds like you better learn how to do cornrows yourself! ;) It looks great!