Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kaishon's First Swim Meet

Grammy came.

And Pop Pop came.

Dad came.

Mommy too!

Everybody gathered at Hatfield Aquatic Center

on Thursday, June 26,

to observe


at his very first swim meet.

He rocked it : ).

He can do freestyle, breast, back and butterfly stroke.



Erica said...

How fun. How long has he been swimming?

Grandma J said...

Congratulations Kaishon! You look so awesome! I know your mom, dad and grandparents are very proud of you! I think swimming is the ultimate sport! I always feel sorry for people who can't swim. It's so easy and enjoyable on a recreational level, and so awesome on a competitive level.

My two younger grandchildren in CA are both on swim teams. The grandson, who's seven had leukemia and the almost four years of treatments wreaked havoc on his little body, swimming is low impact and is great for him. His little sister is in her first year of swimming on a team.

There mom's blog is:
She's my oldest daughter.

stephanie garcia said...

That is SO cool! Way to go, Kaishon!