Saturday, May 10, 2008

Open House at W. Broad

I really love his teacher, Mrs. Fledderjohann!
She is kind and loving and very understanding.
She has been on of our greatest blessings this year!

A bat story he wrote. Isn't he spectacular? For real? WOW!

A bad picture of 3 great men! LOVE them!

A time line of Kaishon's life. Brilliant Mrs. Fledderjohann came up with this idea!

Kaish had an open house at his school last week. Gary RACED home from work and my parents RUSHED over from Perkasie so we could take a look at Kaishon's school. We had a great time. Kaishon is doing a fabulous job in his learning support classroom. He is jumping up in reading stages quickly. I am so proud. We are all proud. Do you know this great kid has not gotten a frown face on his behaviour chart in 3 weeks? He is the best, best, BEST! Rock on, Kaishon!


Jessican said...

Wow, what a great support system Kaishon has. That is so great to see.

stephanie garcia said...

SO cool! Way to go, Kaishon!!