Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hershey Park

Quietly playing computer games...not really.
The Swimming family!
We took a tour of Hershey World 3 times in a row. The older gentleman running the ride hated us : ). Whoops!
Getting ready for our big day!

Swimming in the hotel pool.

Being factory workers...

One of the kids FAVORITE things: Jumping on the bed!
You gotta love eating ice cream cones!

Kaish and I took a fantastically fun trip to Hershey, Pa. with three of our super cool friends, Nikkita, Jamal and Jordan a couple of weeks ago. It was a SPUR of the moment road trip in the middle of the week and it was so much fun. Sometimes it is nice to forget about school and work and just GO! So we did. We didn't go to Hershey Park because Jamal had his first basketball on the day of our return and we didn't want to spend $50 a PERSON for 3 hours at the park. We are going back though soon...and we are EXCITED!


kitakeet said...

It was fun. It was nice. I loved it.

From: Jamal

kitakeet said...

It was nice...from jourdan

stephanie garcia said...

Looks like a blast!!

Becky, Could you send me your address for the poetry books? How many would you like? They are $10 each, but you don't have to pay me upfront - just whenever they sell, you can pass the funds on to my sister. Thanks so much!!