Monday, May 5, 2008

Grandparents Day

or Special Person Day (that is what West Broad Street Elementary school calls it) was today. Here is Kaishon's take on Grandparents Day...

"I got up early and went to school." I had to interrupt him here because he hadn't gotten up early. "Why do you think you got up early, Kaish?" "I did get up early because I never really slept I was so excited." Hmmmm.

I definitely saw a sleeping child, but whatever, here is the rest of his Granparents day summary: "So I went to school early and I had to wait for a long time. Hours I think. (School starts at 8:40 and the grandparents got there at 9:30...I guess that could seem like hours, if you were 8?!?!?!?)

Then Grammy came. And Mrs. Derstine (She is our old neighbor). Grammy loved my desk. She sat beside me. She let me read her a book. We planted plants for Mothers Day. Whoops. Just forget I said that Mommy. ("I'm getting a flower? That is so exciting!) Mom, I said forget it. That was a secret. I didn't really want Grammy to leave. I wish PopPop could have come. I gotta go now."("Where do you have to go, Honey?") "Nowhere really, but it seems like you want me to talk forever. I am all done with the story mom. Done."

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