Tuesday, May 13, 2008

emotional? OR psycho?

So yesterday, while we were WORKING : ), Jen made me listen to this very pretty song and then tells me a sad story about a baby dying. Of course I cried. Who wouldn't?

Last night, when I was making Gary's midnight snack, I listened to this song and then listened to it 3 more times...crying a lot the whole time! Then, I blogged a little blurb about Kaish and went up to give Gary his midnight snack in hand. I came into our bedroom WEEPING!

Gary said it was SCARY that I was crying like that about a song AND he thought I was a little psychotic and he wanted to pretend it never happened. I think I am normal. Does this song make you cry? Or feel sentimental

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Homemade by Lisa said...

Hi- Just visiting and wanted to leave a comment. This movie made me cry, and it was over Hillary Duff? WhatThe...It's a nice song.
It locks into your emotions.