Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cool Blogs

Here are some blogs I really like a lot. Maybe you will too : )
Gretchen was one of my best friends in college. We had so much fun. Her blog has been inspiring to me. She is a great mom to three beautiful girls. She hasn't actually seen my blog because in the beginning I felt like my blog was completely inadaquate compared to hers. I have to tell her soon. I think she might kill me for having a blog and not telling her.
Erica was my friend in college also. I think she has a colorful life with her three beautiful girls. I love to read about their daily adventures. I have to tell Erica about my blog too. I just didn't think my blog was good enough in the know?
This is a blog about my friend Stephanie who went to college with me. She is a sweet girl with 3 adopted children and she is in the process of adopting 2 more. She updates almost daily and she is always interesting to read!
I don't know how I found this blog, but the projects are so cute. The girl works for Martha Stewart. That is kind of cool, right? I have not done ANY of the projects but I do look at them and think how nice it would be to do them.
Our church has a cool Saturday night service and this blog is written by the Pastors and leaders who run the group. I like the blog because it always gives me lots of things to think about.
News from Anderson Cooper
I just found this blog yesterday and I LOVED it. I don't know it is because I used to live in a DC suburb, or her way fun profile picture, or her profound thoughts on Christianity. It is a very interesting read and I can't wait to read more!
How a family is dealing with the loss of their baby. Sad but hope filled.
Cool pictures.

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stephanie garcia said...

Becky, I don't think I had every seen this post. You are sweet. Thanks for having me on your list! :)