Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Kaishon won the coloring contest at our chiropractors office for the month of March. That isn't why I think he is a winner today though.
We got a notice in his bookbag about a family that lost their house this week at his school. The kids are allowed to wear hats on Friday and bring in donations of $.50. I asked Kaishon if he wanted to give 2 quarters or if he wanted to give more.
I think my exact words were, "You could give these two quarters if you want or you could give $10 or $20 from your bank account."
Kaishon said, "I think I should give them at least a hundred Mommy because I have so much." So, even though he wants to be rich when he grows up...right now he is rich because of his giving spirit. And I am rich because I get to be his mommy.


Jen said...

That is a precious story. And it shows that you are teaching him whats important.

Ragan said...

What a great kid! And good job on the coloring contest too.