Sunday, April 6, 2008

Living with Boys...

is great because they think EVERYTHING I do is so extraordinary!
I bought some very pretty roses from Giant the other day for $12.99. Gary and I have an arrangement. I can buy flowers every other week and he will give me the money for them and then we both say that he buys me flowers regularly! Perfect, right? (Plus, he usually gives me a $20 bill, so I actually MAKE cash during our transactions...)
So, I bought these flowers and I brought them home and pulled them out of the plastic and cut the stems diagonally and plopped them in a vase. NO BIG DEAL, right? Well Kaish walks in the kitchen and he stops and stares at the flowers and says "WOW, you did that?" Then he tells me that they are beautiful. Nice!
An hour later, Gary comes home from work and while he is taking his shoes off he looks at the flowers. "They are beautiful" he says. "Did you get them at the florist?" "Oh, no, I got them at the grocery store and I just put them in that vase." I reply sweetly. He just stares and marvels at the flowers. Kaishon comes in the kitchen then and they both tell me how pretty they are again. WOW I am thinking. This is a lot of attention for flowers from the grocery store...
So my point here is that it is REALLY nice living with boys. I think a daughter would have said, "Ummmmmm, all she did was rip the plastic off and plop them in the vase!" Right? That is what I would have said to my Daddy if he was going on and on about flowers from the grocery store anyway. All I know is, my boys think I am AN EXPERT FLOWER ARRANGER and I am not going to tell them differently.

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