Friday, April 25, 2008

Judging isn't good!

Last Friday, Jen Super COOL Martello Harley, planned a night out for her friends at Cassablanca in Warrington. Cassablanca is a fun restaurant where you sit on couches with pillows and eat 7 courses with your fingers. I had asked Gary if I could go a few weeks prior and he said fine. (He always loves spending a night without me and kaish in the house : )

For some reason though, he changed his mind in the middle of the week and he wanted to spend time with me that Friday night. I didn't want to back out on Jen, and when I tried, she BEGGED me to get Gary to come with us. So between her pleading phone call to him and my pleading text messages, he gave in.

We ended up having a really amazing time. We laughed and ate and belly danced to our hearts content. If you ever get a chance to experience an evening like this, I would highly reccomend it!

In fact, it was so much fun, that on Saturday night, when my dear friend, Mrs. Antonuccio called and wanted to go out, I talked her into going to Cassablanca also. She brought her brother, Uncle Jeff, and the ever cool, Valerie! And I brought Betsy and Kaish. We had a very nice night. Kaish was a little scared of the belly dancers at first, but he loved trying rabbit meat and eating with his fingers. Who wouldn't?

Today, a girl that Jen and I went to high school with, made disparaging remarks about Jen on her facebook page because she goes to places like Cassablanca. It makes me sick when people judge others like that. It was very discouraging to Jen as well. Just because I don't believe exactly what you do about going to see belly dancers and occasionally drinking a glass of wine, please don't judge. What kind of Christianity is that? I am sad to say that I grew up learning that kind of Christianity from our church and our Christian school. I am very thankful for my four years at Baptist Bible College, where I learned about living my life for Jesus and having a relationship with God instead of JUDGING others and living by rules.

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Jessican said...

Agreed (about judging).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed what I have read here thus far. Look forward to more.