Saturday, March 1, 2008

We LOVE baby Kate!

Welcome to the world, sweet little princess!

Doesn't she look just like Johnny?

Johnny hates this picture. I think it is so sweet!
The NEW daddy, the SOON TO BE (not really) daddy, Bets and Kaish
Kaishon was too little to see the baby! He was so sad. Johnny had written us an email earlier in the day and said it should be NO PROBLEM to get Kaish in...He was wrong!

She is SO pretty!
Betsy feeding the GIRL baby!
Gary and Baby Kate!

Isn't she the Sweetest ever????
Big Blue Eyes for now

We are so glad to have this new baby girl in our family! Welcome Little Katelyn!

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Kara S. said...

She's adorable!!!!!!!!! I love the foot picture and the one where she looks like she's smiling! Congrats to Johnny and Joanna! :)