Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Church is very special

We go to Branch Creek Community Church in Harleysville, Pa.

Today our church had a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt along with A Magic Show, Hay Rides, Petting Zoo, Moon Bounces, Face Painting, Pony Rides, A Balloon Maker, and a Performance of a show for children called A Bunny Missing which was a play based on the Prodigal Son.

There were so many people (over 5,000) at our church today from 11-3 PM. It was unbelievable. It was a FREE outreach event for the community. I LOVE that our church does things for the community. I love my church even though it is non denominational and it scares my Mom. I love our church even though it is NOT KJV only! I love our church because it reaches out to the community of which we are a part.

All day today, people that came just for all of the fun, free stuff got to learn about Jesus. They learned about him when they watched the play, the learned about him when the magician talked about how Jesus took away our sins when he died on the cross, and most importantly they learned about him when we didn't ask for any money at all and we gave out hay rides and balloon pets and easter eggs. We showed love to the community and I think that is the greatest way to share Jesus of all.

Happy Easter with Love.


stephanie garcia said...

Sounds wonderful!

DD said...

Is Kaishon wearing the SAME sweatshirt he wore last year this year? In that case he didn't grow that much. :-) But he sure does LOOK older, all of the kids do! What a fabulous outreach ministry!