Thursday, March 6, 2008

The End

The BEST Mom and the BEST Son in America!!!!
Joey and Johnny and Kaish. Baby Kate was still growing.
Pop Pop and Kaish!
Kaish and Gary
A picture Kaishon took to show that Hennings is now serving Sushi....Interesting.
Big Happy Family at the last basketball game of the season for the Pisstons!
Daddy laughing while watching Kaish "stay on his man"
Staying on his man!Kaish is always Happy on the bench!

Saturday was the end of Kaishon's first basketball season with SHYBA. He had a good first year. He likes practices much better than games! He doesn't really get the difference between defense and offense. The whole family came out to watch him play his last game on Monday, February 25. We went to Hennings for Ice Cream after the game. What a nice family we have!

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Kara S. said...

My hubby is a HUGE fan of sushi and my parents are ALWAYS eating at Hennings so I guess we'll be visiting Hennings again next time we come up that way!!! My dad had actually mailed us Henning's brochure advertising the sushi. :) Personally, I think the stuff is disgusting, but if it keeps the husband happy, I'll agree to sit and watch him eat. Whenever we visit PA, we go to King of Prussia to Trader Joe's to buy a large platter in the seafood dept. The things we do for love...