Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shorts on Presidents Day

We started our fun day off playing basketball in the driveway...much to the HORROR of our elderly neighbor lady (She really hates us. I used to think most old people were like my SWEET Grandmothers. Lately, I have been meeting a LOT of mean old people. I hope that Kaishon meets mostly kind elderly people because there really is something so sweet about niceness!)
Kaishon and Sienna on an old jungle gymn.
Mila Climbing!
Sienna getting ready to laugh. I think she is so adorable!
My buck tooth angel : )

Kaishon and I had off on Monday for Presidents Day. He was a little lonely in the afternoon so we picked up the COOLEST sisters in Souderton, Sienna and Mila Harley! We had a fun time at Care and Share Thrift Shop getting stuffed animals. (Jen was PARTICULARLY PLEASED with our stuffed animal purchases... ) We played outside at a the neighborhood playground until it started to rain and then we went to Burger King to play inside! It was a super fun day and Kaishon really loved wearing shorts in the winter. It was 69 degrees on Monday! Nice and Hot!

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