Friday, February 1, 2008

our KOREAN neighbors

Our Amazingly cool Asian neighbors came over for cake and pizza after the YMCA party. Grammy and Pop Pop came as well. And the Antonuccio's. All of our best friends.... The only person who missed the party was Gary. We were sad about that, but we had a great time anyway. It was the COLDEST day of the winter so far and we went swimming. Isn't that funny? Paul, Lloyd, Kara and Sophia brought really fun presents and this pretty cake. I love how they made Kaishon's name asian on the cake. Isn't that COOL? We let Kaishon cut the cake! He loved that. He was SO tired after the pool party. He slept in on Monday after the party until 9:30. He is the best. I am so grateful I get to be his Mom. I try to ask him every night before he goes to sleep how I got to be the mom of the best child in all the world. I truly am blessed!

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