Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Levi, Levi, Levi...We want a baby!

Lately, Kaishon and I have REALLY been wanting a baby. Gary has NO interest in a baby at all... at this time. Kaishon and I are interested in any kind of baby. A baby from my tummy or a baby from adoption or even a baby from Kaishon's tummy...(He just told me to write that?!?!??!?!)! Any baby is a good baby as far as we are concerned.
We would be open to any kind of child, really. Kaishon gets so lonely. I think being an only child is SO hard. Sabria and Naji were going to spend Presidents Day weekend with us, but something unexpected came up, so we were alone. Here are some pictures of Baby Levi. We hope we have our own little baby soon!


stephanie garcia said...

I hope so, too!!

Anonymous said...

Levi is the cutest baby ever. Don't tell Benny!