Thursday, February 7, 2008

clean house

The bookshelf next to my bed, neatly arranged!
Gary's dresser. Do you believe he uses all the drawers? It's true. Whoever said girls have more clothes is wrong in our case. He never wears all of his clothes, but he has an OVERABUNDANCE of them....
Pretty black curtains with pretty carpet lines!
Sparkling clean bathroom.
Sparkling clean tub.
Kaishon's dresser. Books and CD's organized into a bin. Remote control car on display. WOW! Windex was even used...
Kaishon's sleeping pals perched upon his pillow. Normally, we have to crawl underneath the bed at bedtime because they somehow roam there during the day.
Our bed is so funky and cool, but it is hard to tell in the pictures because of all the black. What can I say, black rocks : ). Black people. Black furniture. Black blankets. Black, Black, Black!
The pillows actually arranged! Another rare occurance. If we can each find one at bedtime we are lucky!
TV that was cleaned. Aren't those suitcases cool in the tv stand thing? I got them at Ross! I LOVE them.

Look, you can actually see the countertop. Normally it is covered in Court papers, Kaishon's school work and frying pans. Gary hates that. I try to clean it up, but it barely ever happens. In fact, it might not be clean by the time he gets home from work, so I will let him look at this to remember what it is like : ).
More clean countertops and no dishes in the sink.
I think refrigerators are supposed to look like this. I actually can't STAND when people have empty ones.
More RARE carpet lines : )
A bed that is actually made....

Please notice the vacume lines on the stairs.... WOW!
Please DON'T notice the Christmas Tree angel that is on the entertainment center...
Pencils in a jar? WOW!
More CARPET LINES and Kaishon's WAY cool artwork on the mantel!
Ok, so the office area is still SUPER messy! Please don't notice it.

So, the house is clean. And since this is an EXTREMELY rare occurance I have to post pictures. I might even wander upstairs for some more. I can't believe this. It is a good feeling. Could it just stay like this forever?

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Kara S. said...

LOL - you make me laugh, Becky! Love the whole carpet line thing especially on the stairs. (I am sooo glad I don't have stairs to clean!) I love your bedroom set too - I can't wait until we get a new one and after seeing yours, I'm seriously thinking black is it!