Friday, August 31, 2007


Kaishon had to get an ultrasound today. It was called a bone scan and it seemed like a regular
x-ray to me. He was very scared. He did a great job of being still. I am really scared about this. It is so scary to see the most important person in your life vulnerable.

We had company last night. Dawn and Jeff came to supper. They were great guests. They made us laugh and they loved our food. What more could you ask for? Kaishon wanted them to bring a child with them. They couldn't find one to bring. We have to get this kid some friends in the neighborhood soon. We still haven't spotted any children, but new people are moving in every day.

Our other big news for the week was that we went to West Broad Street for a tour of Kaishon's new school. We saw my dad's friend, Flynn and his wife and their sons. Liam is going into kindergarten. They said it is a great school. That made me feel better because I have been feeling so guilty about not putting Kaishon in Quakertown Christian School.

The school was very nice inside. The classrooms were decorated beautifully. Kaishon's teacher is named Mrs. Fledderjohann. Isn't that a name?? She did not come to the welcome night. We were very thankful to see Mila and Jen at the open house. Sienna is going to be going to a different school in Souderton called Crouthamel. I wish she would be with Kaishon at West Broad Street. I love those girls.

We are thankful for our new school, and our new home. We have a wonderful family, Gary is a little grumpy because he has to work on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. He is a great provider. We are blessed!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Kaishon's blood work

Kaishon had to get blood drawn today. It was scary for him. I let him pick out a toy to take with us. He picked an endangered monkey in a carrier. He loves animals. I am praying that the tests will come back normal and this medical dilemna will be resolved.

Gary had a bad day at work. He needs a new job. I told him he could quit that job and get a job up here making $9-$11 an hour. He doesn't seem to happy about that.

This is the last week before school starts, so I want to do something special with Kaishon this week. I can't think of any good ideas. He has been wanting to go to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, so maybe we will do that.

Right now I am going to finish reading my book. Sienna had surgery today on her ears. We prayed for her at supper time. Kaishon, Gary and I have wonderful friends.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A little about the Wedding!

Aunt Karen and Molly Sue at Johnny's Wedding Reception. Beautiful Girls!

Kaishon was a ring bearer yesterday in my brother Johnny's wedding. Kaishon was very excited. He took his role seriously. He wore a tuxedo which we bought for $90. The lady at the tuxedo store told me he would wear it all the time...(I don't know where he can wear it ALL the time, but I will let you know if we find places to wear it.)

I was happy that Johnny asked Kaishon to be in the wedding. Johnny wasn't overjoyed about Kaishon when he was a baby. (You know how babies cry and fuss and get LOTS of attention) Johnny has grown up a lot in the past few years. He has bought 2 houses. He is renting one and living in the other.

Joanna is a really nice girl. She is wholesome! At the wedding I was talking to her Mennonite Grandmother, and her Grandmother knew my Grammy Myrtle. It was nice. I like that Johnny is marrying a mennonite. My Daddy was a mennonite all his life and then he became a Baptist.

Johnny seems to be really excited. Weddings are exciting. All of our relatives came to the wedding. My Wonderful Aunt Karen. My fabulous cousin Molly Sue. Her children, Adam and Alex. My fabulous Uncle Ray and Aunt June. Their GREAT children Diane, Janice, Curt and their respective spouses.

My Boys

My Boys are Gary and Kaishon. Gary is 30 something.  Kaishon is 7 and a half. Gary and I got married one month ago today. We have LOVED every minute of it. It is a big adjustment, but we learning about marriage and each other every day. Kaishon loves "our new house, his new bed, and his new Dad" (Not in that order!)

I just decided today that I need to keep a journal. Since I don't have any pen and paper handy, this will have to do for now. I am excited to keep this record of the things that go on in our lives so Kaishon and Gary can read about our lives when they are old and senile and can't remember anything!