Thursday, November 8, 2007

the worst mom!


So, last week I was the best mom...but today, I am the WORST MOM EVER! It all started yesterday afternoon. I was sitting at my desk at work, getting ready to pack up, and come home, when my supervisor said, "Rebeckah, you remembered to do discharge summaries for all of your closed cases, right?" Well, no, I absolutely did NOT remember to do discharge summaries for any of my 70 closed cases.

So I quickly called my Mom to see if she could get Kaishon. No. She was watching Levi.
My Dad? No, he couldn't leave work early.
My sister? No, she was delivering hoagies somewhere.
My neighborhood BFF, Heather? Negative, she was driving to Levittown.

In desperation I called my lifelong best friend, Jen Hen. Not desperation because she isn't FABULOUS with children, but desperation because she is so amazingly busy. She has 3 small children and works full time. Jen said yes in a second, so I sat at my workspace and worked.

About 5:00 PM I rang my house to see if my Dad had picked up Kaishon from Jen's. Yes, he did. Kaishon asked to speak to me. He wasn't happy about not going on the bus without warning. I explained the desperate situation, but he couldn't understand. He just understood that I wasn't at home like I was supposed to be. My Dad said he would take Kaishon to the house around 7:00. I told Kaishon not to wait up for me and to go right to bed when he got home. I called Gary and told him to put Kaishon right to bed when he got home. When I rolled in at 10:00, who was up to greet me???? Gary of course, and Kaishon. Kaishon said he was STARVING. He is so dramatic. So I gave him whatever food I could find in the fridge, kissed him and shoved him into bed... and here begins the reason I am the worst mom ever!

He went to bed 2 and a half hours later than normal, so this morning at 7:00 he did not want to get up. I mean not at all. I was nice anout it. And then I was mean about it. And then I was nice again. It was disasterous. Meanwhile, I am trying to explain why I simply must leave ASAP because I have to be at court by 8:30 and it takes me an hour and fifteen minutes to get to court when it is NOT rush hour. Kaishon couldn't understand any of this. The more I freaked out, the slower he went. Finally we make it out to the car, and I realize it is too early for the bus but I ABSOLUTELY must leave for court. Our friend Vishwa and her dad Bruner are outside scraping ice of their car. I asked if Kaishon could go to school early with them. They said sure. Kaishon told me he didn't want to go to school with Vishwa. Even though she is WAY cool in the neighborhood, she is in 5th grade, and he can't go to school with her. I had no choice, I pushed him towards them and raced in the other direction.

So, I get him off the bus today and he tells me he had a bad day in school. "What happened" I say? He says he got in trouble for playing with pasta and cheese during snack time. "Where did you get pasta and cheese?" He didn't know. Someone put it in his backpack. "Someone put pasta and cheese in your backpack? That sounds suspicious Kaishon." He said, this whole day was your fault mom. "Why, honey?" "Because you woke me up so early." I told him it was his regular wake up time he was just tired from staying up the night before hand and he said "I couldn't sleep if you weren't home Mom, it's dangerous at night." I tried to explain how I had to work and it was an unusual situation, but he would have none of it. I finally said, "I guess I am the worst mom ever." To which he replied, "Just for today I hope."

He cracks me up. This worst mom ever has had the most crazy week! I am off to bed! Thank you Lord that we won't be audited again for a while. I can't take working an actual 40 hour week : ).

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Kara S. said...

So, are you still the worst mom? I love Kaishon's comments - especially the last one "just for today I hope." That one made me chuckle. :) He sounds absolutely adorable! Did you get your summaries done?