Monday, October 29, 2007

the best mom

Today Kaishon woke up feeling grumpy. He insisted on wearing shorts to school even though there was frost on the window of the car.... Right before we were going out to the bus he realized he didn't have his favorite bird toy. He began to cry.
Being the patient and loving mom I am, I calmly helped him locate the bird. Well actually, I started freaking out and saying "Who cares if you have the bird because you can't take the bird to school anyway!" So Kaishon sat down on the bottom of the stairs and started crying. It was sad.
I realized something was the matter because even though he can be difficult at times, it is not like him to cry over a small toy. I sat beside him and felt his head. He was very warm. I hugged him and took him over to the couch and let him fall back asleep for a while. I searched all over the house and still could not find his bird.
When he woke up he wanted to stay home, but I had a meeting for work, and since his fever had subsided I made him go to school. Kaishon ended up having a great day. And the meeting I raced to Philadelphia for ended up being cancelled.
I am making his favorite dinner tonight (Fish sticks) and some chocolate chip cookies. I told Kaishon what we are having for dinner and he said "You are the best Mom, Mom." It made my day! I am so glad I have Kaishon and Gary in my life. They are truly the best boys ever!

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