Thursday, September 27, 2007

This has been a very busy week for everyone!
Gary has been working 7 days a week for the last 4 weeks. He is very tired and irritable. He hates the MANDATORY overtime, but he won't consider a new job. It is frustrating for all 3 of us! Gary's truck broke down this week. There is something wrong with the transmission and it is going to cost $2,000 to fix. Gary isn't very happy about that either. We got his Mustang inspected today so he can drive that for a few months until the snow comes, but we still have to decide what to do about the truck. It has 120,000 miles on it and it is from 1994. Should we put lots more money into it? That is the million dollar question.
Kaish has had a big week at school. He is really struggling with reading and math. The teacher said he is a distraction to the other students. Of course, being his mother, I am assuming he is acting out because he feels inadaquate...but who knows. We talk about it every night and I feel extremely concerned. I am very thankful we are in the public school this year because I feel like they have more resources to properly diagnose his learning disorder. Kaishon has not been waking up crying about going to school at night and that makes me feel better. When he sees the bus coming in the morning he has been saying, "Here I go again. The dumb one." I tell him Jesus will help him and I squeeze him tight before he gets on the bus, but I can see the sadness and it kills me. It is devastating to have your child feel so defeated and I often cry on my way to work.
I had my first week of court this week. I LOVE my new job. It has been very interesting this week. The children I work with are unique. I smile every day because they are CONSTANTLY funny! I love the judge and all of the court reporters in our courtroom. I also love my co workers.
One of my best friends, Jen Martello, has been watching Kaishon for me every morning. I take him over to her house at 7:00 and she takes him to school at 8:30. (I am SO BLESSED to have Jen helping me!)It takes me exactly one and a half hours to get from Souderton to the court where I work in Philadelphia. I know it is a long drive, but working with the kids that I get to work with makes the drive worth it. I just love them so much! Even the ones with attitudes!
Gary stayed overnight in Philadelphia since his car isn't done being inspected. I am glad he can spend time with his Dad, but I miss him. Kaishon wanted to drive down and get him tonight after we left the park. I am glad Kaishon has Gary. I think that Gary is getting more used to having a child around constantly. I know he loves Kaishon very much. Who couldn't???? He is the GREATEST 7 year old in the world and I love him mightily. Good night.

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