Monday, September 17, 2007

Perfect Saturday

Jourdan Johnson
Almost 4!
So, I was having a PERFECT Saturday with Kaishon. Gary was at work and we slept in until 10:00. At 12:00 Kaish was watching a cartoon and I was reading a book, we were both still in our pajamas...and then the phone rang. BRRRRRRRRRRRING!

It was Nikkita. My favorite friend from Philadelphia! She was calling to say that her FABULOUS family was going to come to Betsy's cookout at 5 that night. GREAT! AND....she wanted to bring her husband over to see the house. OH NO! The house was dirty and I was in my pajamas and at a good part in my book... "Of course you can come see the house; I am delighted you want to come!" I said.

I got off the phone and looked around. There was so much to do. I illicited help from Kaishon, but he was coloring a new fuzzy poster at this point and it was useless. I had to do everything myself. 3 loads of laundry, 3 bathrooms to clean, dishes everywhere, vacuming.....Somehow it all got done in 3 hours. I was exhausted. I looked at Kaish and said, "look at our nice clean house" and he said, "Aren't you supposed to do this every day, Mommy?" Hmmmm. Maybe, but who has the energy to clean every day? Probably my friend Kari Dull who lives in a third world country and has 4 children. She probably cleans every day : ) She is a superhero after all!

Betsy's party was very nice. There was tons of food and lots of games. Despite the chilly weather, everyone looked like they were having fun. Nikkita, Anthony, Jamal and Jourdan had fun. Kaishon LOVED having Jamal and Jourdan at the party. Afterwards Nikkita and family came over to our house.

Gary got home from work at 7:00 and his friends Ben, Tramaine, and Joe came to see the house. Ben loved the house and told Gary to stop complaining about his 30 minute commute : ). Ben is going to bring his whole family over soon. I can't wait to meet his kids. Kaish will go crazy with delight! Ben said he is glad I married Gary so I can take care of him. Boys are so funny with their comments. Oh well. I will take care of Gary. He is a good man to take care of.

We are so thankful for our wonderful friends. Even if they make me clean! Come again.


betcal said...

it was easy to find your blog with google tonight. how was parent teacher conference last night? loves you

stephanie garcia said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one who puts off cleaning and gets into sticky situations because of it ... You made my day!! (: