Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kaishon's First Day of School

Could he be any cuter????? Kaishon is going to have the BEST year in Second Grade!
Kaishon likes to roll his socks down like this. Its a little a wierd, but if it makes him happy, I can live with it. I let him pick out his first day back outfit all by himself.

Today was Kaishon's first day back at school! Kaishon had a good day, I think. I couldn't put him on the bus this morning because I had a training on Case Management in Center City Philadelphia. I took him over to Betsy's at 6:45. Kaishon was very excited about his first day. He couldn't wait.

Betsy and Caleb and Ben and Levi brought him to our house at 8:07 to meet the bus. We are very excited and thankful to know that there are indeed some other children in the neighborhood. Hopefully Kaishon can make some friends to play with at our new house.

I couldn't tell if his day was good or not. I got different vibes about it when I asked him, so I'll have to do some investigation on it tomorrow when I go to his school for a visit! I love him so much! We are all praying for a positive second grade school year.

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