Monday, September 3, 2007

breakfast in bed

Tomorrow Kaishon has to go back to school! This year he will be going to West Broad Street Elementary School. Kaishon would like to go to Dorney Park today, but I don't know if I have enough energy. Maybe we will go to a regular park. Gary's Best Friend, Ben, might come over today to see the house. If he comes maybe he can bring his sons with him. Kaishon has never met them yet and he loves to play with children! We are still on the lookout for children in the neighborhood. How can there not be any children?!?!?!?!?
I made Kaishon and Gary pancakes and bacon for breakfast this morning. They were still sleeping at 9:00 so I let them eat breakfast in bed. Its hard to believe that Summer is unofficially today. We have had a big summer!
We went to Wildwood, New Jersey for vacation in June.
We went to Johnny's Birthday Bash at Betsy and Calebs at the end of June.
We went to Mrs. Russo's for tudoring every week during July and August.
We got married at the end of July to Gary!
We bought our new house the last week of July and moved in. Betsy and Grammy and Pop Pop and Tiffani and the Antonuccio's came to help us!
We adjusted to our new family in August : )
We got our furniture and moved it all around.
We missed Grammy and PopPop and Gary's Dad.
We had Mrs. Derstine and Aunt Luella over for our first company!
We had Dawn and Jeff Jones over for supper.
We can't wait for Fall and all of our new adventures to begin!

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