Monday, August 27, 2007

Kaishon's blood work

Kaishon had to get blood drawn today. It was scary for him. I let him pick out a toy to take with us. He picked an endangered monkey in a carrier. He loves animals. I am praying that the tests will come back normal and this medical dilemna will be resolved.

Gary had a bad day at work. He needs a new job. I told him he could quit that job and get a job up here making $9-$11 an hour. He doesn't seem to happy about that.

This is the last week before school starts, so I want to do something special with Kaishon this week. I can't think of any good ideas. He has been wanting to go to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, so maybe we will do that.

Right now I am going to finish reading my book. Sienna had surgery today on her ears. We prayed for her at supper time. Kaishon, Gary and I have wonderful friends.

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