Sunday, August 26, 2007

A little about the Wedding!

Aunt Karen and Molly Sue at Johnny's Wedding Reception. Beautiful Girls!

Kaishon was a ring bearer yesterday in my brother Johnny's wedding. Kaishon was very excited. He took his role seriously. He wore a tuxedo which we bought for $90. The lady at the tuxedo store told me he would wear it all the time...(I don't know where he can wear it ALL the time, but I will let you know if we find places to wear it.)

I was happy that Johnny asked Kaishon to be in the wedding. Johnny wasn't overjoyed about Kaishon when he was a baby. (You know how babies cry and fuss and get LOTS of attention) Johnny has grown up a lot in the past few years. He has bought 2 houses. He is renting one and living in the other.

Joanna is a really nice girl. She is wholesome! At the wedding I was talking to her Mennonite Grandmother, and her Grandmother knew my Grammy Myrtle. It was nice. I like that Johnny is marrying a mennonite. My Daddy was a mennonite all his life and then he became a Baptist.

Johnny seems to be really excited. Weddings are exciting. All of our relatives came to the wedding. My Wonderful Aunt Karen. My fabulous cousin Molly Sue. Her children, Adam and Alex. My fabulous Uncle Ray and Aunt June. Their GREAT children Diane, Janice, Curt and their respective spouses.

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