Monday, January 1, 2007

About Me

I am sort of ashamed that my friend Drew made me this AWESOME blog
about eleventy million years ago.
I didn't know how to do this part of it.
Today I figured it out.
And I feel so silly!
It was EASY peasy mac and cheesy!

Any way,
about me?
Well, I am 33
(as of June 2010)
I love my kid SO much.
It is sort of ridiculous.
I actually love all children.
I think they are magical.
I have green eyes.
I am fat.
Always have been.
I have a GREAT husband.
My family is amazing.
I love taking pictures.
It makes my heart sing.
I think living inspired is the best way to live.
Life is short.
I believe in Jesus.

Here is an interview about my picture taking style if you want to know more about me:

Here is an interview about my biracial marriage: