Monday, June 29, 2015

on death and dying :: Uncle Jerry :: a beautiful life

My Uncle Jerry died on Friday. 

He battled cancer again and again and again.  
He won many times, but this last time, the cancer prevailed.


Uncle Jerry was a man that made everyone smile. 
People couldn't help but laugh when he was around. 

He was a teacher for many years at Central Bucks West School District. 
He was a football coach. 

He was a Sunday School teacher and a Deacon at church. 

He was a farmer. 
The best farmer in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 


Uncle Jerry loved his wife and his sons. 
Brooks, Tommy and Jimmy were the light of his eye.

71 years were not enough.

We know Uncle Jerry is in Heaven today because he believed in Jesus Christ.
We are thankful for this truth at this time of great sadness.