Friday, October 2, 2015

baby, baby

Sometimes life isn't what you expect it to be at all.
This is what I have found to be true;
even when life is very hard and very different than expectations,
it is still beautiful.

On the darkest days and most difficult nights,
joy remains. 

We miss Mr. Adams.
We miss Bria.

Kaishon likes the 10th grade so far.
Gary has been working a lot. 
Last Sunday was the end of the quarter for his company.
He worked 17 hours.
Can you even imagine that?
Me either.
I thought he would need a sick day this week to recover, but he has gotten up every single morning at 5:15 and went back.
He is a great man. 

Last weekend I photographed a stellar wedding while the Pope was in town. 

I was worried about traffic, but I didn't need to worry. 
Everything was perfect.
I am shooting one of my favorite families this weekend unless
Hurricane Joaquin prevents our shoot.  
We will see.